On View: Palm Beach Light


Palm Beach Light: A show featuring J. Steven Manolis & Miles Slater

On view from: April 4 – May 5, 2019
Fritz Gallery
211 Royal Poinciana Way
Palm Beach, FL 33480

steven manolis

J. Steven Manolis (b. 1948–)

J. Steven Manolis is an American abstract expressionist artist who paints in both watercolors and acrylics on canvas. He is known for his series paintings which emphasize communication through colors. He uses colors, geometrics, and other symbols to express his messages. His works are so unique that world renown art critics have provided him with unprecedented written acclaim.

Donald Kuspit, credits Manolis with starting a new abstract movement which he coined the “Miami School of Abstract Expressionism,” and also states, “Indeed, Manolis’ color-saturated abstractions breathe fresh life–fresh feeling–into abstract expressionism... He’s a modern master...” J. Steven is a prodigious talent.  A true master painter and master of color.  I have known many artists, but no one with his drive, ability--creative capacity--and intelligence.  And emotional honesty.”

Additionally, Kuspit acclaims, “When it comes to Color, and the intellectual pursuit of ‘Communicating Through Color,’ Wassily Kandinsky’s long-awaited heir is J. Steven Manolis, whose works signal an ebullient 21st century renaissance of the long absent glories of Abstract Expressionism.”

Manolis painted for 30 years privately under the tutelage of the great artist and colorist, Wolf Kahn. In 2014, he decided to come out of hiding with his first solo art exhibition at the Chase Edwards Gallery in Bridgehampton, NY. Since then, he’s enjoyed a meteoric rise. In three years, he’s had two solo museum shows, 10 solo gallery exhibitions, and 8 group shows . Manolis has another museum show scheduled for 2019 and a joint show at The National Arts Club in NYC in October 2018. In three short years he has garnered over 300 global collectors.

He works in Miami in his Studio-Gallery, Manolis Projects, which is the largest private studio-gallery in Florida. Manolis is highly involved in the field of visual arts, and was past Chairman of the Advisory Board of the National Academy of Design and Trustee of the Vermont Studio Center.



Defining the Sculptor. . . Many of the words I would use to describe sculpting in stone are words that one would associate with describing the attributes of a person. How can that be? How can an inanimate piece of marble ever be compared to human characteristics? Working with marble is unforgiving, the slightest mistake can cause permanent and irreparable damage, but if you respect the marble it will reward you, at times beyond ones greatest expectations! Leo Mutti, the Artisan that nurtured me when I sculpted “Rescue”, the work I created as a memorial to the Oklahoma City Bombing, compared carving stone with the rearing of a child. He would say “be respectful as to how you strike the stone, the angle must be right and the power of the hammer and chisel must by in sync. If you don’t show that respect as you work deeper into the marble you could find a fissure, a bruise or an irreparable crack. It is like raising a child, if you aren’t sensitive, respectful, but forceful the damage will only appear years later…”  What could be more powerful? 

I am physical and tactile person. Marble, as my chosen medium is a perfect partner for all my physical and emotional senses. There are many ways to approach a work- it is not “just in the stone”, as Michelangelo was quoted as saying. The stone might dictate what one can and cannot do but the emotion, the vision comes from the sculptor. I experienced this phenomena as my style change from realistic to abstract representational and most recently to abstract. But even with this seemingly changed style, my works are similar- the observer wants to reach out and touch.

Now, in 2016, I have created a series of works, predominately in a “bardiglio marmot” a grey-black marble that when finished can take the characteristics of stainless steel.  The stone absorbs the light!!!

Please enjoy my Greek inspired series of Oculi, Spiritus and Helix in this marvelous stone and one piece for certain pleasure in granite.--