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Robert Helsmoortel (b. 1922-2007), originially from Belgium, lived and worked in the United States, in New York and Florida, until the year 2000. 
The body of work of sculptor-painter Robert Helsmoortel is based upon the reality of time and space, and is characterized by a simplicity of fluid lines and organic shapes – reflecting the true nature of the universe. Under the patronage of Queen Elisabeth of Belgium, he travelled to Spain, France and Italy to broaden his artistic pallet. He exhibited in numerous European capitals, staged One Man Shows in Paris and at the Palazzo Strozzi in Firenze, among other places, and created impressive projects for public buildings, such as a mural for the Ingeco building in Barcelona and a canvas of 300mX10m for the entrance hall of the World Expo 58 in Brussels. In 1959, Helsmoortel boarded a cargo ship to embark on a voyage to the United States for what was to be a 6-month study. There, he caught the attention of and was sponsored by Roland Redmond, President of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, and exhibited in the Seligman and Poindexter galleries.


Les Reves en Blue, 1984. Oil on Canvas,
70.5 x 50.5 x 2 inches. $27,500

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