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Ivald Granato (b. 1949-2016) was a Brazilian artist influenced by Cubism. During the 1980s, he followed the rhythm of his generation, creating monumental works on canvas with an abundance of figures and colors. In 1978, Granato organized the happening Mitos Vacíos (Empty Myths) on Augusta street in São Paulo. It was a very ironic way of challenging the first (and last) Latin American Biennial and its "Myths and Magic" theme. Ivald Granato was the author of several books and a fierce critic of the artistic system. Ivald Granato died in 2016 leaving a rich legacy behind for contemporary art in Brazil. Prolific, restless, and an eternal revolutionary against the artistic system, Granato explored a wide range of techniques and processes: drawing, painting, engraving, objects, multimedia, performance, ceramics, and sculpture, among others. 


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